2022 APU Eisa Team Ichariba Performances on Campus ~ Once we meet, we become brothers and sisters~

by APU EISA ICHARIBA (Former: eisa~ dan campur)

2023/01/20 19:00 〜 2022/01/20 20:00

Student Hall

We will hold an on-campus performance to bring the charm of "Eisa", the traditional culture of Okinawa, to as many people as possible and create a time to enjoy Okinawan culture together!
At the end of the performance, we will have a dance called "Kachashi-" to share the Okinawan culture with the audience who will become "Ichiribacho-dee" (Once we meet, we become brothers and sisters)!
Please come and enjoy the Eisa performance by the members of Ichariba, a group with a hint of international touch!