APU EISA ICHARIBA (Former: eisa~ dan campur)

Art and Culture


“Haisai!” We are Ichariba, an Eisa circle at APU.
A form of traditional performing arts from Okinawa, Eisa consists of four main components—large drums, tight drums, paranku drums and women dancing—coupled with a chondara, a kind of clown whose job is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Not only do we dance in events on campus, but also in community outreach gatherings in Oita Prefecture and events in other prefectures as well. Nearly all of us are beginners, but we practice in happy harmony! Please don’t hesitate to come to our practice if you are interested!

Place Student Hall, Multi-purpose Hall, Event space 1
Time Wednesday 6,7 Friday 6,7
Members count Japanese members count:20、 International members count:9
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