The APU Incentive Scholarship for Self-motivated Students

The APU Incentive Scholarship for Self-motivated Students is given to students actively involved in extracurricular self-motivated activities. Scholarship of 100,000 yen is awarded to student organizations and 50,000 yen is awarded to individual applicants. Application will be start around June. Further details available on the Student Office website.

Past Winners (2023)(2023)

The Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities, Arts, and Sports

Team from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University which successfully participated in the 40th edition of Jean-Pictet IHL Roleplay Competition
The team won the domestic qualifying round of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Role Play Competition organized by the Japanese branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in which 8 teams participated and participated in the world competition, the 40th Jean-Pictet Competition, an international humanitarian law role play competition.
APU Yossha Koi
Participated in various competitions. Won the Grand Prize at the Kurosaki Yosakoi Festival in May 2023 out of the 61 teams competing and also made it to the semi-finals of a competition in Sasebo in October 2022 where they placed 18th out of 105 teams.

The Social Contribution Award

ZHAO Xianghao
He was involved in various community activities related to peace education and disaster prevention. He gave presentations on peace and international cooperation at the Oita Red Cross International Department's debriefing on the 1st Plenary Meeting of the First Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Red Cross member schools, Peace Boat activities, and the Oita Prefecture Japan-China Friendship Association among others. In the area of disaster prevention, he qualified as a Red Cross Society First Aid Provider and helped organize and manage the "Bousai Machiaruki" (Disaster Prevention Town Walk). In October 2022, he organized the "Red Cross Disaster Prevention Seminar for International Students and Short-Term Exchange Students" on his own. In November 2022, he won the top prize in a speech contest for international students, in which he gave a speech on the theme of disaster prevention.
DOI Kodai
Since March 2023, he has held international exchange events twice a month through sports, music, English study, etc. A wide range of students, from undergraduates to graduate students, participated in these events and he continued to organize more exchange events that took advantage of APU's multicultural environment.
Support for Sisters
Applied for Project B to address the issue of period poverty. Support for Sisters provided free sanitary products through the menstruation stations they set up in 11 restrooms on campus. The sanitary products were replenished regularly twice a week with a total of 4,000 sanitary products distributed. In addition to conducting a survey on sanitary product use, the group held an event to discuss period poverty with the support of 2 faculty members. About 30 participants gathered to share information about problems related to menstruation in various countries.

The Award for Outstanding Contributions to Learning

Held business case competitions in English such as the APU Annual Case Competition (AACC) which was attended by 96 APU students and assisted APM faculty and the Student Office with the Japan Business Case Competition (JBCC), the qualifying competition in Japan for the HSBC business case competition. A total of 45 teams, including teams from other universities in Japan, participated. ―

Division of Student Affairs Award

ONO Maichi
As the leader of the 2022 Tenku Festival, he led the operation of the festival. Seeing as there were very few students with any experience of holding a face-to-face festival, he actively expanded his network and reached out to past leaders as well as alumni who had been involved in organizing the first Tenku Festival. He also actively communicated with each student staff in charge of each festival event, participated actively in the preparation of each festival event, and successfully held the first face-to-face event in three years by organizing the 50-plus members with his outstanding leadership skills.