The Tenku Festival, APU's school festival that began in 2003, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. With around 20,000 visitors each year, the Tenku Festival has become a must-attend autumn event. This year, the event will be held online to promote the appeal and international nature of APU not only to APU students, but also to all people in Japan and overseas. Students from all over the world gather at APU and bring their own unique colors to their projects and performances, and the sight of them celebrating each other is beautiful to behold. From the planning and management of the festival to the performances and events, the students are in charge of everything. We hope you will enjoy the unique and vibrant Tenku Festival that is unlike any other.

Theme of 2021

"NEW NORMAL" (~A new style of travel ~).

The coronavirus pandemic has forced our lives to change drastically. In particular, at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), where half of the students are international students, the pandemic has made it difficult to demonstrate the appeal of international exchange - the unique feature of our multicultural campus that sets APU apart from other universities. The theme of the 2021 Tenku Festival is to maximize the international nature of APU, a place that has been described as a "microcosm of the world", and to create a Tenku Festival that will make you feel as if you are actually on an overseas journey.


Yuka Takiguchi
Vice Representative
Ryu Takazawa
Nagomi Endo
Stage Performance Department Leader
Kosuzu Kajiwara
Food Booth Department Leader
Takuya Kawabe
Food Booth Department Sub leader
Chinbat Anujin
Student Organization Performance Department Leader
Yuno Shiaku
Event planning department Leader
Kim Yoojin
Hello everyone, my name is Yuka Takiguchi and I am the representative of the 2021 Tenku Festival Executive Committee. The theme of this year's Tenku Festival is "NEW NORMAL - 今しかできない海外旅行 -”. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced university students to make changes to our normal routines and way of life; APU and the Tenku Festival are no exception. Even though the Tenku Festival is being held online for the second year in a row, we are intent on ensuring that the festival goes on despite the change in its format. I hope the Tenku Festival will allow you to experience the passion and energy of APU students and their determination to move forward despite the challenges they face.
In closing, I would like to thank everyone involved in the Tenku Festival, including the students and the Student Office, for making it possible to hold the Tenku Festival under such circumstances.
I hope everyone enjoys the fascinating journey around the world provided by our truly international Tenku Festival!
There are students from 92 different countries currently studying at APU making for a campus of students from diverse backgrounds - many of whom are doing some extremely interesting things. APU offers experiences that you typically wouldn’t be able to enjoy anywhere else in Japan. We, the Tenku Festival Executive Committee, have been working closely with the students to prepare for this event so that everyone who watches the Festival can enjoy the “APU experience.“ I hope you have a wonderful time.
iHello, everyone! I’m Nagomi from the General Affairs Department of the Tenku Festival Executive Committee. Although this year's Tenku Festival will be held online, all of the Tenku Festival Executive Committee members have worked hard to bring you some fun stage performances and online projects. We really want to make this year’s Tenku Festival a truly memorable event and hope you enjoy watching it! Let’s come together, both the Tenku Festival Executive Committee and the entire APU student body, to make this year’s Tenku Festival the best we’ve ever had!!!
Hello! I'm Kosuzu Kajiwara, leader of the Stage Performance Department of the Tenku Festival Executive Committee. Unfortunately, this year's Tenku Festival will be held only online, but all of us in the Stage Performance Department have been putting our heads together to come up with ways we can bring you an even more powerful festival than last year. We hope to deliver fun and energetic performances for everyone to enjoy to the fullest!
Hello, my name is Takuya Kawabe and I’m the leader of the Food Booth Department this year. I’m a 2nd year APS student majoring in Hospitality and Tourism. I like to skateboard and try to get out on my board at least 5 times a week. Please get in touch if you like to skate, too!
I joined the Tenku Festival Executive Committee because I really used to like to speak with and get to know many different people through festivals and other school events when I was in junior high school. The time I’ve put in as a member of the Executive Committee is hardly comparable to the small amount of work I did when I was helping out with my high school’s culture festival, however, the sense of accomplishment makes it all worth it. The festival will unfortunately be online again this year, but we’ll do our absolute best to make it just as fun as the on-campus festival!
Hello Everyone! My name is Anujin and I am the co-leader of the Food Booth Department. The Tenku Festival is once again online this year, but we are here to deliver. This year our Food Booth Department will introduce good restaurants to try out in Beppu which is a wonderful opportunity for new students who are not used to living in Beppu. It is also an opportunity for existing students to discover more hidden gems around the area. The Tenku Festival is a great place to learn more about APU’s diversity and make tons of new friends. I hope we all can have fun in a safe environment and learn more about Beppu and APU. Please join us for this year's fun!
The Student Organization Performance Department has been busy preparing pre-recorded videos and YouTube livestreams from our student organizations for the festival! We hope that APU students who have not been able to return to APU due to COVID-19, high school students who are considering enrolling, and people living overseas will tune in to see what our student clubs and circles have been up to and watch their amazing stage performances. Together with my hardworking department members, I hope to make the Tenku Festival a successful and fun event for all!
Event planning department Leader Kim Yoojin
Hello, everyone!
I am Yoojin from event planning department!
In this year, we planned 2 types of game that you guys can join!
We are looking forward to you guys join the game and have fun!