The Tenku Festival, APU's school festival that started in 2003, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The Tenku Festival has continued to be a popular autumn event that has entertained many people for the past 20 years. APU students come from all over the world and the Tenku Festival allows our diverse student body to come together to create festival projects and performances that reflect their home countries, traditions, and unique characteristics. The most beautiful, moving, and exciting part of the festival is the sight of students from different countries praising each other and enjoying themselves to the fullest. The Tenku Festival is handcrafted by our students and their thoughts and feelings are embedded throughout - from the festival planning stage and management to the festival performances. The Tenku Festival is different from other universities; there’s a sense of originality and innocence that is entirely unique to APU. We hope you will enjoy the event.

Theme of 2022

Never stop running ~今までもこれからも特別な時間~

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tenku Festival. While cherishing the traditions of the past 20 years, we would like to continue to move forward with diversity and change. With this in mind, we have adopted the overall theme of “Never stop running ~ 今までもこれからも特別な時間~.” In recent years, due to the effects of the pandemic and military conflicts, it has been difficult to go about our daily lives as usual. Of course, the Tenku Festival was no exception, and the past two festivals have been held online. Despite the uncertainty, we never stopped moving forward, accepting our current situation and moving forward at our own pace. I am confident that this year's Tenku Festivali will be able to express the spirit of APU students running forward from Beppu to the world, giving courage and hope to the visitors with our dynamism, just like the theme of this year's festival. We want to make the time spent at the festival special for both APU and the visitors by allowing them to experience the many attractions that only APU students can show them.


Maichi Ono
Vice Representative
Kim Yoojin
Nagomi Endo
Stage Performance Department Leader
Megumi Ishibe
Food Booth Department Leader
Ryusei Miyagaki
Organization Planning Department Leader
Risako Yokota
Event planning department Leader
Haruna Suenaga
PR・Decoration Department Leader
Karin Tsukahara
Hello everyone! I am Maichi ONO, a 3rd year APM student and representative of the 2022 Tenku Festival Executive Committee. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tenku Festival and the first time in three years that the festival has been held in person. During the past few years, many people, not only us college students, have been forced to live with restrictions due to the effects of the pandemic. The Tenku Festival is no exception, however, it did not stop us from holding the Tenku Festival and from celebrating this year’s 20th anniversary! Just like this year's theme, "Never Stop Running 〜 今までもこれからも特別な時間〜", we have started with small steps and have continued to run and not let COVID-19 get the best of us. We hope we can bring you the energy and passion of APU students who never give up and continue to look forward to the future.
Hello, I am Yoojin Kim, Vice Representative of the Tenku Festival Executive Committee. It’s been three years since the last in-person festival, however, we hope you will enjoy this unique experience that can only be had at a Tenku Festival held on campus. We, the Executive Committee members, have worked hard to prepare new events that have never been done before so we hope you will come and make lots of good memories. We look forward to your participation and smiles!
In addition to being held face-to-face for the first time in three years, this year's Tenku Festival will mark the 20th anniversary of the festival. We have kept going, adjusting to this “new normal” without stopping even after the disappointment of last year's Tenku Festival, which was held online at the last minute due to the spread of COVID-19 at the time. Your lives have changed dramatically over the past few years and you have undoubtedly been emotionally affected as well. Nevertheless, you have not stopped! You have come this far and you have come here to enjoy the Tenku Festival today. We are very happy to have met such wonderful people through the Tenku Festival."Never stop running!" Please enjoy the Tenku Festival, which has been running for 20 years now, to the fullest!
I am Meg, a 2nd year APS student and leader of the Stage Performance Department. We will be doing a performance of "This is Me." Please watch the full performance of the various groups that have been practicing until now♪ “This is Me” is a NEW project where you express yourself to the fullest! This year is the first in-person Tenku Festival in three years! We've prepared lots of fun events! Please come and see us ❤️
I am Ryusei Miyagaki, a 3rd year APM student and leader of the Tenku Festival Executive Committee Food Department. As the name implies, the Food Department mainly organizes food booths, and also holds the "Food Booth Stamp Rally" and the "My Oishii Tenku Food" which is a photo contest. For our event, we have prepared exciting prizes such as tickets to Harmony Land, hot spring tickets, and Starbucks gift cards! Come enjoy our first in-person Tenku festival in three years!!! We look forward to seeing you all there!
My name is Risako Yokota, a 2nd year APS student, and I am the leader of the Organization Planning Department. Our department holds a "building project" where groups can exhibit their activities and a "flea market" where you can buy their artwork etc., in addition to some new projects this year. Not only groups but also individuals will have stalls, so you will be able to see a wide variety of exhibits and artwork. Please make it a place where you can learn about the activities of new groups and individuals!
I'm Haruna SUENAGA, a 2nd year APM student, and the Events Department Leader! This year, the Events Department will be hosting two events. One is a lantern that will light up the campus at night, and the other is a darts tournament where you can participate and win prizes! We look forward to your participation! Let's enjoy this in-person Tenku Festival!
I am Karin Tsukahara, a 2nd year APS student and leader of the PR and Decoration Department of the Tenku Festival Executive Committee.
I hope you will take a look at the stage backdrops, building decorations, and posters that our members put a lot of effort into creating! We also created new flags for the 20th anniversary this year! Let's make this year's 20th anniversary of the Tenku Festival the best and most unforgettable one yet ❗️