Japan Traditional Culture Shamisen Concert & Trial Session

by Nagauta Shamisen Circle

2022/12/17 16:00 〜 2022/12/17 18:40

Multipurpose hall (concerts), Japanese-style room (practice, changing clothes)

Do you have interest in Japanese traditional music? Do you want to try Japanese traditional instrument shamisen on your own? We are going to hold a shamisen music concert in Multipurpose Hall (2nd floor of Co-op) on 12/17 (Sat). You can also enjoy authentic performance by professionals from Oita Nagauta Group.
After concert, we will have shamisen trial session for the audience! Let's enjoy shamisen music together!

Concert consists of two parts
1. Performance by Oita Nagauta Association & APU Nagauta Shamisen Circle
Japanese famous song Sakura, Osaru no Kagoya(Monkey's Cage), Tanabatasama(Tanabata Festival), Shojoji no Tanukibayashi(Raccoon of Shojo Temple) and Kojo no Tsuki(The Moon over the Ruined Castle).
Nagauta Genroku style Hanami Odori
Nagauta Kanjincho
2. Shamisen Trial Session