2021/11/01 00:50 〜 2021/11/01 01:00

We are the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Cheer Dance Circle Wings!
We have a total of 16 members - 15 first-year students and 1 second-year student.
We are a close-knit group and always have fun together!
Wings was established this spring and our name was decided by the members with the hope that all APU students will have a bright and enjoyable campus life!

This will be our very first performance and we're honored to open and close the festival with our dancing.
We're excited to add to the fun of this year's Tenku Festival!

Most of our members are first-year students - some of whom have never danced before.
It's been a few months since the circle was formed and we've already gone through a lot together from the bad to the good! So that's a brief introduction of who we are as we get ready to perform for the first time!
We can't help but feel a little nervous, but we are fully committed to livening up the festival.
Although the festival is online again this year, we hope to be able to bring a little energy and smile to everyone faces through the screen!

As for our performance, all the members discussed and decided on the choreography and music together.
Our first performance is full of memories for us as to the journey we have taken to get here.
Those of you who are watching online, we hope you will get the same joy from our performance as we do performing for you! We will be dancing to the song "Wings" by Little Mix for both our opening and closing performances, however, we will switch up the choreography to close out the festival so be sure to watch both!