2023 APU Mock Country New Year Conference

by APU Model United Nations

2023/11/25 12:30 〜 2023/11/26 19:40

Multipurpose hall and presentation space

The first semester of the 2023 Model United Nations Conference will be held on November 25 and 26, 2023. The Model United Nations Conference is a simulation of an actual United Nations meeting in which participants take on the role of ambassadors of various countries. Participants negotiate and make speeches in order to solve problems of the international community. The topic of this conference is the "Declaration on the Right to Development. The right to development is the idea that the enjoyment of the benefits of human development is a fundamental human right. This right is a concept in the process of development, and the subject matter, responsibility of the right, and scope of its application are still being debated in broad terms. By dealing with such a highly controversial topic, we hope that the ambassadors of the countries represented at this conference will be able to pursue the greatest characteristic of Model United Nations: the pursuit of possibilities other than historical facts.

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