APU Tanabata Festival 2023

by APU Tea Ceremony Club

2023/07/05 11:00 〜 2023/07/05 18:00

In front of the cafeteria's large-screen TV

Hello APU students!
We are APU Tea Ceremony Club, Japanese Music Club, Nagauta Shamisen Club, SALC Japanese
We are happy to be able to announce that we will hold APU Tanabata Event 2023 in the cafeteria on July 5th.
In this event, you can enjoy the performance by Japanese Music Club and Shamisen Club with the green tea made by APU tea ceremony club.
Before the COVID situation, APU Tea Ceremony Club and Japanese Music Club hold Tanabata Tea Party together.
Last year, under the COVID restrictions, APU Tea Ceremony Club hold the tea party alone.
This year, in addition to the Japanese Music Club, Nagauta Shamisen Club and SALC join this.
The three Japanese traditional art club are preparing to host the event together for the first time!
On July 5th, don't miss this opportunity!