2023/06/07 17:00 〜 2023/06/07 21:00

Near Hiya River (Kitashindenn bus stop)

On June 7th, (17:00pm-) ECOS together with local communities is establishing a Fireflies Watching Event near Hiya River (Kitashindenn bus stop)

ECOS (Environmental Community for Sustainability) student organization has been counting firefly population, and river cleanups to increase the Japanese firefly population for the past decade.

Fireflies event is a unique event showcasing Beppu's nature and biodiversity while providing awareness about Japanese Fireflies. We will also showcase APU's diversity through performances, and cultural dances, and invite food vendors from Organic Markets to promote sustainability!

Please make sure to dim your lights, and bring shoes to the event for safety procedures!
Contact: Instagram: @APU_ECOS for more details!