EDM Korea

by Co-Korea

2022/12/22 18:00 〜 2022/12/22 21:00

Building F, Room 203

How much do you know about Korean culture? Come and experience it for yourself!

Co-Korea has prepared various activities in which APU students can experience Korean culture and the elements that are currently popular in Korea. You can enjoy Korean food, drinks, and even making in a day. If you are interested in or curious about Korea, come and enjoy it together!

[Date and time]
December 22, 2022, Thursday, 6&7 classes from 18:00 to 21:00

Building F, Room 203

APU students who want to make new friends, students who are interested in Korea and Co-Korea

Approximately 20 students

English & Japanese

[Content] *Order may vary
1) Korean Spicy Food Challenge
2) Drinking Korean Tea
3) Decorating photo cards in Korean style
4) Speed games related to Korea

[How to participate]
Please make a reservation with the form below. Winners will be chosen and receive a small prize.

Anyone can enjoy without any restrictions!
Co-Korea is waiting for you!