AUA (APU United Ambassadors)

Art and Culture


Don't you think it's a waste to spend your time doing "ordinary things" even though you finally became a student at APU?

We are AUA, the student organization,
We organize international exchange events to connect APU's international and domestic students with the vision of "Connect the World".

Film festival, food festival, sporting event, fashion show, music festival, game event, language learning event, ....etc.
In AUA, you can do whatever you want!
Let's connect the world through the entertainments you love!

AUA is a group of motivated, unique and interesting members.

Who want to make their university life fulfilling.
Who want to make the most of APU's multicultural environment.
Who want to develop theirselves through the unique experiences.
Who want to be excited and want to excite someone.

Why don't you join us to "Connect the World"?

Place Classroom in F building / Online
Time Monday 7th period + activity days for each department and project
Members count Japanese members count:25、 International members count:17
Links Instagram Twitter

Our next new member recruitment will be during the fall semester!
Events and recruiting announcements will be made primarily on Instagram.