APU Colors



APU Colors is a support circle for LGBTs individuals. Our activities, which we conduct with the aim of making APU a place where LGBTs students find it easy to go about their day-to-day lives, include holding events and study sessions and making proposals to the university. At our regular meetings, we prepare for those events, exchange opinions among members, hold study groups, and so forth. Other activities include holding parties with the inclusion of members who find it hard to engage in student activities out in the open. There are many non LGBTs members among us as well. Our regular meetings are held every Tuesday during 6th Period. (Meeting will be held via Zoom while Online Classes)
Domestic 13, International 1   Zoom or Building F   Tue 6th period  
iroiroapu   icolorlove

Place We are currently holding meetings and study sessions on Zoom due to the COVID-19
Time Tuesday 6 period
Members count Japanese members count:17、 International members count:1
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