Nepali Week

Multicultural Week


The inception of this project finds its origins in the longstanding tradition of Nepali Week at APU, a tradition that holds an esteemed position within our academic community. Following a five-year hiatus, we are pleased to announce its resumption, a significant milestone for our institution. Nepali Week has consistently provided a unique and cherished platform for the commemoration of Nepal's rich cultural heritage, simultaneously promoting the ideals of cross-cultural understanding among our diverse student body.

In the forthcoming edition of Nepali Week, we have selected the theme "Festivals of Nepal," a choice that fills us with great anticipation and excitement. This theme is especially noteworthy as it allows us to reinvigorate the event and highlight the vibrant and multifaceted tapestry of festivals that encompass the entirety of Nepal.

Place In front of the fountain ,Wave ,Millennium Hall
Time 2023-10-09 ~ 2023-10-13
Members count Japanese members count:21、 International members count:66
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