Indonesian Week

Multicultural Week


As part of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University's Multicultural Week program, the Indonesian Society is able to present the unique culture of Indonesia to both the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University community as well as the local Beppu and Oita city community. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University's Indonesian community has hosted a Multicultural Week every year since 2002 with the aim of highlighting the various cultural aspects of Indonesia. Its original goal was to support efforts to further the study of Indonesian. Indonesian Week has evolved since then into the platform it is today for showcasing Indonesian culture.

Multicultural Weeks at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University are more than merely an annual exhibition and educate the public about many cultures. Students have the opportunity to practice working in a multicultural environment during Multicultural Weeks. Large-scale event planning and execution offer a hands-on learning opportunity that cannot be matched in a traditional classroom. This principle has a long history of being upheld and enhanced during Indonesian Week. International students have been sought out by Indonesian Week since 2018 to take part in the event and work on the committee. We want to gradually increase the proportion of international students on the committee from year to year.

Indonesia is a culturally diverse country with hundreds of ethnic groups and languages throughout its vast archipelago. The nation's traditional arts, crafts, music, dance, literature, and other cultural expressions are testaments to its rich cultural legacy. Indonesians have been living side by side with these cultures, and it has become a sense of home for us Indonesians. In this year's Indonesian Week, we would like to introduce, share, and educate some of the well-known childhood customs, heritage, and society in Indonesia during our childhood to the students at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University as well as the residents of Beppu in order to show them the beauty of Indonesia through stories. As childhood days are a significant period for an individual as it lays the foundation of who we are, we wanted to bring and introduce the feel of home, comfort, and nostalgia of Indonesians back in Japan. As the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Indonesian Community, we would like to bring a new and exciting concept for Indonesian Week 2023 with our theme of “Reminiscing Hometown.”

Aligned with the "Reminiscing Hometown" theme, we wish all of the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University community a cherishing and unforgettable experience of Indonesia's unique and glamorous traditions and cultures. We are looking forward to the joyful and charismatic participation of the entire community at APU. The whole Indonesian community hopes to deliver great means, morals, and values starting from the beginning of our opening parade, continuing through the daily events, and finally until the end of our long-awaited and much-anticipated Grand Show. We are looking forward to the immense participation from all of the community at APU.

Place APU Fountain, APU Wave, Event Space 1, Event Space 2, Event Space 3, Millenium Hall, APU Cafeteria, and APU Cafeteria's Triangle Space
Time December 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2023
Members count Japanese members count:0、 International members count:103
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