Japanese music club

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Hello! This is the Japanese music club.
We play seasonal songs centered around Japanese harp, koto and shamisen at each event. Currently, there are no face-to-face concerts due to Covid-19, but in the past, songs such as Ghibli were performed at APU's cafeteria and Kamegawa Kiyousen at Tanabata concerts and winter concerts.
In addition, you can receive guidance from a instructor who lives in Beppu, so even those who have never played koto or shamisen can start with peace of mind. Also, most members of the circle are initially beginners. We are active in a friendly atmosphere.

Place Japanese Style room
Time Monday to Friday, hours 4, 5 and 6; Saturday and Sunday, hours 2 and 5.
Members count Japanese members count:6、 International members count:13
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