Local Exchange Program & SAS

Since its establishment, APU has valued its connections with the local community. In local exchange programs, you will not only be able to learn about Japanese and regional culture but will also be able to meet many people, feel the warmth of interacting with them, and gain a new perspective.

This program introduces opportunities for students to interact with local people. Recruiting information will be posted on the Student Office website /when we receive exchange requests from local community groups.
Number of Events: Around 50~80
Exchange with elementary and junior high school students
Participating in local festivals (Carrying the portable shrine, working as festival volunteers, etc.)
Rice planting and harvesting
Walking around town wearing kimono or yukata
Exchange with members of the community using "Yasashii Nihongo" (Easy Japanese)
Performing at community events
Exchange with homestay families
" I want to join in local exchange but I'm not sure where to start…?!" SAS will help you! SAS is a student staff group that organizes various events such as guidance sessions for local exchange beginners and events for APU students to interact with local people. Let's join the SAS events! Check Campus Terminal or the SAS Instagram account for recruitment information.
Number of Events: Around 10~15
Local Exchange Guidance (Held in April and October)
Walking tours around Beppu
Exchange events with elementary, junior high, and high school students
Reading picture books and interacting with children at children's centers
Community cooking classes
Multicultural-themed workshops at Tenku Festival
You can also look for opportunities to interact with local people on your own!
Organizations, companies, and individuals in Oita Prefecture post information on community exchange, internships, and part-time jobs for international students. Registration is free.
Information on volunteer opportunities in Beppu City.
Information on volunteer opportunities in Oita Prefecture.