Multicultural Week

Multicultural Week


Multicultural Weeks are very popular events at APU. During eachweek, you can get a taste of the culture of a certain country or region,including its music, traditional costumes, sports, dances, and language.
Each week starts with a parade on Monday, followed by a music night and a sports day. On Friday, the finale is a performance called theGrand Show, which takes place in Millennium Hall.
In total, more than 1,250 students participated in the various Multicultural Weeks. Don't miss your chance to join and learn new skills!
Check each Multicultural Week's social media accounts for recruiting information. Social media links can be found on each group's page on APU Online.(Link :

Multicultural Week schedule in AY2024
Spring semester
Mon, May 6 - Fri, May 10 Phillippine Week
Mon, June 10 - Fri, June 14 Bangladesh Week
Mon, June 17 - Fri, June 21 Thai Week
Mon, June 24 - Fri, June 28 Rainbow Week
Mon, July 1 - Fri, July 05 OCEANIA WEEK
Mon, July 8 - Fri, July 12 Chinese Week
Mon, June 15 - Fri, June 18 Vietnam Week

Fall Semester
Mon, October 7 ~Friday October 11 Japan Week
Mon, October 14 ~Friday October 18 Korean Week
Mon, October 21 ~Friday October 25 African Week(Afro Fes)
Mon, October 29 ~Friday Nobember 01 Pakistan Week
Mon, Nobember 04 ~ Friday, Nobember 08 Malaysia Week
Mon, December 02 ~ Friday, December 06 Indonesia Week
Mon, December 09 ~ Friday, December 13 ECO Week
Mon, December 16 ~ Friday, December 20 Myanmar Week

Planning and Projects

Indonesian Week

Did you know that Indonesia is made up of 13,466 islands? Kawano-san, staff of the Student Office's Extracurricular Activities Team that oversees APU Multicultural Weeks, recalls being told by a student on the Indonesian Week Organizing Committee that there is actually a bit of controversy surrounding this number. This figure comes from a study by Indonesia's Geo-spatial Information Agency but is a few thousand off past estimates of over 17,000 islands. We're intrigued! Kawano-san said he felt as though he was experiencing Indonesian Week all over again when he visited the local markets and festivals in Bali last year which shows the hard work our students put into their events and their desire to recreate their culture as authentically as possible. 🌳🐒If you plan on visiting a country with a Multicultural Week here at APU, it might be worth taking part in some events to get a better idea of the culture before you go. It's especially interesting to see how Indonesia's geography has shaped its culture and religion and we urge you to go on over to Indonesian Week's Facebook page to learn more its amazing cultural diversity. 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️

Chinese Week

It goes without saying that China is a fascinating country rich in history and culture.
Chinese food is thought to be one of the three grand cuisines in the world, however, did you know that the flavors and style of Chinese regional cuisine are completely different? China is so much more than food though! 🍀
There are the traditional clothing, traditional instruments like the erhu, and the many dances such as the famous lion dance for you to explore. One of the things that is truly amazing about Chinese Week is that the members always unearth new layers of Chinese culture to introduce to the APU community each year.We know the Chinese Week members would love it if you would head on over to their social media accounts 💻✨where you will be able to get an idea of what past Chinese Weeks were like and get details on what they're planning for this year!

Vietnamese Week

Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee? ☕️Vietnamese coffee uses a French drip filter called a phin. It produces a strong cup of brew that the majority of people sweeten with either milk or condensed milk. There have been Vietnamese coffee tasting events at past Vietnamese Weeks which is a great chance for a coffee break coupled with the opportunity to learn a little about the long-lasting impact French culture has had on Vietnam's culture and cuisine. Chinese and French influence can be found in the architecture of many buildings in Vietnam which serve as silent testaments to Vietnam's fascinating history and culture.
We aren't able to sum up all the wonders of Vietnam in a short post, so we invite you to go directly to the source, Vietnamese Week's Facebook page, and see for yourself!

Thai Week

What comes to mind when you think of Thailand? There are probably many who associate Thailand with gleaming temples awash in gold. 🌕Traditional Thai clothing is equally eye-catching for the rich color and luster of the Thai silk used to make them. Past Thai Weeks have featured an event where you could try on traditional Thai dress. ❣️Japan is also known for its silk, but according to Thai students, Thai silk threads are generally thicker which makes it easier for them to catch the light and gives the clothing its distinct shimmer. You'll know it's Thai Week when you see a noticeable increase in the number of people on campus wearing Thai fisherman pants! Last but not least, the FOOD! 😋🍽The cafeteria's Thai curry is a long-standing student favorite.
We hope we've piqued your interest in Thailand and encourage you to go right from here to Thai Week's Facebook page to discover more!

Sri Lankan Week

I've learned a lot about Sri Lanka, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, from APU's Sri Lankan students. One interesting fact is that Sri Lanka is roughly 1.8 times the size of Kyushu, but only 1.4 times longer north to south. When I think of Sri Lanka, Ceylon ☕️ ✨ immediately comes to mind. According to Sri Lankan students, the flavor of the tea leaves supposedly differ depending on the elevation at which they're grown. 💁💁‍♂️
It's the chance to open yourself up ⬆️and learn little things like these that make Multicultural Week such a hit with our students.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in another country's culture for a week and definitely try the special cuisine on hand. I tried the Ceylon tea (which was excellent!❤️) and there is always a huge cafeteria line for the Sri Lankan curry🍛✨. Get a head start and familiarize yourself with Sri Lankan Week by checking out their Facebook page! 💻👏

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