Events & Projects

While the University supports students' clubs/circles that aim to implement their activities for a long term, the University also supports students' events and projects that only happen once or for a limited term. Support will be provided to nurture your ability to make your ideas into reality, by thinking about one event deeply and from various points of view. There are three event/project types. Please refer to the Student Office website for details on the various application forms and procedures.

These one-time events and activities are organized and conducted entirely by student groups. Student groups can be approved if their event plans have significance, are sate, and follow the rules of the University. Applications can be submitted throughout the year, allowing for flexibility in planning. Possible to use university facilities and promote events on campus. It is possible to apply for a subsidy of up to 30,000 yen if your group needs financial support to organize an activity or event you will be holding for the first time. (Maximum of 10 Project A subsidies awarded per semester.) Additionally, clubs and circles can apply for a Project A subsidy if they are planning to undertake a new project.
Number of Clubs: Around 5~20
Participating students: Around 100~500
Hult Prize APU
Hult Prize APU held an on-campus preliminary round for the Clinton Foundation's social entrepreneurship contest, the Hult Prize. Over 60 students participated, with the winners advancing to compete in the Japan final round and world competition.
Onsen Intercollege
Onsen Intercollege is a circle composed of students from three universities in Beppu City. The group gathered information on a total of 54 hot springs by asking visitors to fill in their recommendations at a booth in the APU cafeteria.
K-POP Festival
Students from 7 countries organized a K-POP dance event that was held at the Wave and had over 500 people in the audience.
Selected Projects Type are projects that take six months to a year to complete their missions. The selected groups will make steady progress in fulfilling their goals, while receiving feedback and trainings from the Student Office periodically. Applications will undergo a screening process and the selected projects will receive generous support from the university. (Subsidies of up to 500,000 yen are available. Applications are accepted once a year in October). Project B has given shape to many creative project ideas. We look forward to hearing yours!
Number of Clubs: 3~8
Participating students: Around 100~500
Enterprise and NPOs Co-create projects are projects that APU students work with companies, NPOs, or APU. APU receives offers from companies and nonprofit organizations that would like to do projects in collaboration with APU students. Among those offers, the University will select projects that can apply students' ideas effectively and will help students develop. The University then extends those offers to interested students. Students will work in collaboration with a company or an NPO. However, students will apply for this project voluntarily which means that students are required to plan and implement the events autonomously. APU will recruit project members when we receive requests from companies or organizations. (Recruitment information will be posted on the Student Office website and Campus Terminal.)
Number of Projects: 1~3
Participating students: Around 20-100
"Multicultural Festival in Suginoi Hotel" (ORIX Hotel Management Co., Ltd).
APU students planned and managed a “Multicultural Festival” event at a hotel while receiving lectures from hospitality professionals.
"Linking Studies and Student Life - APU Campus Development Project" (APU)
Students identified problems with the current APU campus and suggested features for a new campus building.
"Saganoseki x APU Future Co-Creation Project" (Saganoseki Branch of the Oita Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
APU students were invited to do fieldwork in Saganoseki and present proposals on how to revitalize the area.