2024 APU Model United Nations Preliminary Conference

by APU Model United Nations

2024/07/13 12:30 〜 2024/07/14 19:40

Multipurpose hall

Hello! The 2024 Model United Nations Preliminary Conference will be held on July 13th and 14th. The Model United Nations Conference is a simulation of an actual UN conference, where participants become ambassadors of each country. Negotiations and speeches are held to solve problems in the international community. The topic of this conference is the "China Representation Issue." In short, the China Representation Issue is whether the right to hold a seat for "China" in the United Nations lies with the Beijing government, which controls the mainland, or with the Taipei government, which maintains power in Taiwan. In this conference, although there is a binary opposition as to which government has the right to "China" in the United Nations, the outcome can be anything depending on the national interests of each country. I would like the ambassadors of each country to pursue possibilities other than historical facts, which is the greatest characteristic of the Model United Nations.

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