APU Kendo Club



Half of the club members are international students and study kendo here‼ There is no other kendo club like ours🤩 And starting this year, we will participate in the competition 👍 We are looking for new club members, who highly admire kendo or want to try it‼ Don't worry, beginners are also very welcome😄 Senior and world team players will teach you carefully. There will be a lot of times for beginners to watch experienced people fight and learn themselves. Please come to the gym‼️All the members are waiting for you‼️If you have any questions, please feel free to send me DM.

Place Gymnasium, Beppu City Gymnasium, Student Hall
Time Monday 4th period, Wednesday 2-3 periods, Friday 4th period
Members count Japanese members count:13、 International members count:14
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